Fertilizer Spreader L1000

The fertilizer spreader of EVAK is suitable for middle to small crops. The spreading distance can reach 30m. The fertilizer quantity is regulated hydraulically, evenly distributed across the field. The lightweight frame is robust and durable.
The big bag lifter is made of a strong frame so it can load big bags of up to 1.000kg. Two hydraulic cylinders are used for lifting the big bag.

Technical Characteristics

  • Fertiliser Spreader L-1000

    • Capacity 1000lt.
    • Weight 190kg.
    • Max. Width 30m.
    • PTO shaft made by COMER Italy.
    • Gear box made by COMER Italy.
    • Hydraulically adjusted gates.

    Big Bag Lifter

    • Load Capacity 2000kg.
    • Two hydraulic cylinders for height and linear regulation.
    • Rigid frame.
    • Max hook height 3,00m
    • Weight 335kg.