Compactor MBT

The EVAK compactor is a pioneering modern machine, designed for seedbed preparation at the minimum possible cost. It is mainly used after plough and finishes the job in one pass! Vitally important, is the seed horizon on which the seed is sown. A tilled structure with fine soil in the seed area, and more cloddy soil on the surface, guarantee perfect field emergence. Exactly this conditions achieved with the two rows of double coil tines and the three types of different rollers.

Technical Characteristics

  • Two massive central beams in the main body made of RHS 200x100x8.
  • The machine is folded with k hydraulic cylinders.
  • The upper section is connected to the working section with 8 leaf springs. This allows higher speed up to 15km/h.
  • Front toothed cutting bar made of high strength steel.
  • Front tilling roller Φ370 containing 9 flat bars.
  • Two rows of 25x25mm Bianchi double coil tines.
  • Croskill rollers Φ360 made of high quality cast steel.
  • Finish roller Φ270 with 8 flat bars.
The front cutting bar levels the big clods which left from the plough (1).
The front tilling roller Φ370 further breaks the plough clods (2).
The two rows of tines with duckfoot blades, whose depth regulated hydraulically, ensure that the entire seedbed is cultivated to a uniform depth (3)
The soil is further cultivated by the tandem croskill rollers which are made of high quality cast steel. The rollers are inserted into each other, through which the self cleaning effect is achieved (4).
The finish roller of Φ270mm diameter achieves high circumferential speed and breaks the last clods of soil (5).



Technical Characteristics Compactor MBT
MBT350 MBT400 MBT500
Working width (m) 3,50 4,00 5,00
Transport width (m) 3,50 4,00 2,80
Working depth (cm) 5 - 15
Number of tines 12 16 20
Weight(kg) 2.800 3.500 4.200
Transport Wheels 10,0/75-15,3 10,0/75-15,3 11,5/80-15,3
Horsepower (HP) 140